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China Social Insurance and

Housing Fund

China’s social security system is especially complex because it is organized at the regional level. While the formal social security system only covers urban workers, some rural workers who move to the cities to work are also covered. On account of China’s sheer size and legal diversity, the country’s social insurance system is among the most difficult in the world to navigate.

The social security system in China consists of five different types of insurance (Maternity, Medical, Unemployment, Pension, Work-related Injury), plus one mandatory housing fund. How companies register and deregister their employees often varies depending upon the city and the employee’s location or residency.


Social Insurance & Housing Fund

Make plans for your social insurance and housing fund. Help minimize compliance risk and help improve process efficiencies, while also helping to reduce taxes and other expenses.

Social Insurance & Housing Fund Compliance

Simplify social insurance and housing fund compliance and help minimize risk for in-house payroll.

Social Insurance & Housing Fund Calculation

Calculate social insurance and housing fund to be paid by the employer and employees. Calculate and review all deductions to ensure accurate and minimum fees paid by the employer.

Social Insurance & Housing Fund Filing and Payment

Report and make payments of social insurance and housing fund monthly to governing government authorities.

Social Insurance & Housing Fund Certificate

Apply and obtain Social Insurance & Housing Fund certificates upon requests of employees.

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