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Are you trying to make payroll management more “adaptive” to business development?

Yingke Payroll offers the best payroll solution to help companies succeed in China. Facing the complex and ever-changing Chinese market, enterprises need flexible and efficient payroll management both at starting and scale expanding stages. With a leading system platform and rich practical experiences, we customize payroll management solutions most suitable to your development requirements, offering you continuous support of payroll management systems, processes and information platforms to help you upgrade management efficiency and employee satisfaction through flexible and secure nationwide payroll service modes.

Payroll Service Breakdown

I. Initial payroll setting up, which includes:

II. Employer registration with statutory social benefits

Applying for employee’s labour manual from relevant authorities (if applicable)

Update your China entity staff’s personal details

Coordinate with bank of your China entity on proper payroll procedures (if applicable)

Assistant in opening personal bank account for each employee

III. Salary calculation and net salary payment arrangement

IV. Preparation of your staff’s pay slips

V. Payroll report for your local accountant

VI. Assistant with external audits and inspection by social benefit authorities

VII. Review of payroll process, including payroll process efficiency review, tax and labour law compliance review and assistance in payroll system set up.

VIII. Assistance in payroll system set up.

IX. Preparation and filing of employees’ PRC individual income tax returns and assistance in settling any related tax liability.


Payroll Management for Key Accounts

Based on enterprises’ organizational structures and development requirements, we integrates and establishes a platform compatible with mainstream payroll management and HR management system for you, thus ensuring homology data, security and stability, enhancing operation efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Standard Payroll Management for SME Customers

We make a perfect combination of the “ERP” production system developed by local intelligence and the E-PAY payroll system to offer you multiple associations of standardized services, ensuring accurate payroll calculation and security of payroll data.

Nationwide Individual Income Tax Service System

The ‘three-in-one’ individual income tax service system (consisting of senior taxation consultants, advanced data platform and a nationwide service network) exhibits our strong O2O service capability and guarantees information security and capital flow consistency, facilitating interregional business expansion.

Government and third-party Liaison

Coordinating insurance center, housing fund management, tax bureaus, banks, third parties to ensure compliance with the law and local policies.

Why Outsource Payroll

Specialized Team

Yingke has continuously geared our principles to prioritizing our client’s needs and valuing the commitment of excellence to the Human Resource.

All-in-one Packages

Even with just a couple or hundreds of employees, we do their taxes, deal with all the paperwork, or create a customized solution for your case.

Overseas Payments

Our HR experts can ensure your company achieves improved accuracy, efficiency and reliability when making overseas payroll.

Personal File Management

You company retains essential management control over the work performed by the employees. Meanwhile, we do all the rest. We keep all files and documents secured by having physical and virtual copies of everything.


Our professional are experts in all areas of Human Resource services ranging from Payroll, Recruitment, Labor Law, Salary Tax Calculation, Insurance and many other services related to all types of company structures such as WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise), JV (Joint Ventures), RO (Representative Offices, etc. makes of us one of the leading HR service firms of China and the world.

OUR CLIENTS Industries:

Most of our clients operate in banking and finance, energy, technology and innovation, healthcare and life sciences. We assist a wide variety of Chinese clients with their international needs and foreign clients with issues and complexities arising from conducting business in China.

Corporation China is your “Back Office” in China. We will take care of all your Chinese company HUMAN RESOURCES aspects letting you to concentrate on the business.

+ Corporate Immigration & Visa Service
+ China Recruitment Service
+ Tax and Compliance Service
+ Group Medical Insurance


National Service

46 self-owned offices, 300 HR partners in China located in all Chinese cites, making Yingke one of the few HR firms capable of providing national-wide services.

Unique Strategy

Regional customized service capabilities, nationwide HR data base and a highly collaborative team.

One-stop HR Solutions

Cover every scenario that a company might encounter: Payroll, Recruitment, Income Tax, Compliance, Expatriate Service, PEO, HR BPO, etc.

Leading HR Firm

Recognized as China Leading HR Service Provider by SHRCA and other Institutions

Expert Service

Our HR professionals provide best practices, helping ease your concerns about employee relations, tax & compliance issues, recruitment, benefits administration, terminations, and other employee-workplace issues.

Get payroll services built for businesses your size.

Be wary of one-size-fits-all payroll services. Get payroll and tax filing solutions
tailored to your unique business needs:

Small Company Services

(Solutions for Small Businesses
1 – 10 employess)

Midsize Company Services

(Solutions for Medium Size Businesses
11 – 50 employees)

Large Company Services

(Solutions for Large Size Businesses
51 – 1000 or more employees)

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