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China HR

Advisory Service

We have expert resources in every aspect of HR function. By the rich local experiences and the integrated best practices of multiple sectors, we help you achieve the most feasible HR management planning and tactics design, fully realizing the business partner values of HR management. Yingke HR Advisory is your ticket to simplification, efficiency and risk mitigation

As China’s leading human resources service provider, Yingke HR Co.,Ltd (YNGKE HR) is a key business sector of the Yingke Group. YINGKE HR offers a wide variety of services, connecting more than 500 associates with over 10,000 clients every year. These services fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, contract recruitment, permanent placement, talent development, HR outsourcing & BPO, PEO, HR consulting, career transition, leadership consulting and other fields of professional personnel outsourcing services.


China Labor & Employment Policy

Minimum wages requirement, employment length, probation, commencement of employment, termination of employment, employment contract, employment penalties, etc.

China Employee Benefits & Welfare

Consultancy with regard to benefits like group insurance, physical exam. Guidance of holidays, vacations, sick leave, maternity leave, and other issues.

Employment-related Tax and Compliance

Individual Income Tax, Tax Credits, Unemployment Claims, Wage Garnishments, Year-End Income Management, Employment Verification

Employee Handbook and Other Documentation

Employee Handbook Templates, Drafting and Revision of Handbooks and other documents.

Compliance Guarantee

With support of Yingke Law Firm, China’s largest law firm , our compliance service integrates with leading payroll, HR and financial systems to help expand your employment-related compliance capabilities and to help reduce risk associated with non-compliance.

Why Outsource Legal Services

Specialized Team

Yingke has continuously geared our principles to prioritizing our client’s needs and valuing the commitment of excellence to the Human Resource.

All-in-one Packages

Even with just a couple or hundreds of employees, we do their taxes, deal with all the paperwork, or create a customized solution for your case.

Overseas Payments

Our HR experts can ensure your company achieves improved accuracy, efficiency and reliability when making overseas payroll.

Personal File Management

You company retains essential management control over the work performed by the employees. Meanwhile, we do all the rest. We keep all files and documents secured by having physical and virtual copies of everything.

Why Choose YINGKE

National Service

46 self-owned offices, 300 HR partners in China located in all Chinese cites, making Yingke one of the few HR firms capable of providing national-wide services.

Unique Strategy

Regional customized service capabilities, nationwide HR data base and a highly collaborative team.

One-stop HR Solutions

Cover every scenario that a company might encounter: Payroll, Recruitment, Income Tax, Compliance, Expatriate Service, PEO, HR BPO, etc.

Leading HR Firm

Recognized as China Leading HR Service Provider by SHRCA and other Institutions

Expert Service

Our HR professionals provide best practices, helping ease your concerns about employee relations, tax & compliance issues, recruitment, benefits administration, terminations, and other employee-workplace issues.

Get payroll services built for businesses your size.

Be wary of one-size-fits-all payroll services. Get payroll and tax filing solutions
tailored to your unique business needs:

Small Company Services

(Solutions for Small Businesses
1 – 10 employess)

Midsize Company Services

(Solutions for Medium Size Businesses
11 – 50 employees)

Large Company Services

(Solutions for Large Size Businesses
51 – 1000 or more employees)

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