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Yingke HR Firm referred to as Yingke HR, is a global legal service organization headquartered in Shanghai, China. It has branch structures in 45 major cities in China, and has more than 30 offices throughout the world, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Monaco, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Israel, Argentina, etc. Yingke’s global network covers 113 international cities in 53 countries. With more than 8,000 employees, Yingke HR is committed to providing customers with high quality professional services and creating value for customers.


We are committed to providing consistently the highest quality Payroll services. Our team is recognized by clients for their deep understanding of the local and international law as well as the complexities of their businesses and industries. We deliver practical business solutions and our mixed teams of Chinese and international professionals and advisors in each of our offices enable us to deliver the right combination of practical business solutions, locaI experience and global mindset regardless of geography.



The range of services include, but is not limited to: China payroll services, PEO, employee benefits, global dispatch, payroll outsourcing, legal advisory services, talent dispatch, recruitment and headhunting, and talent training etc. Yingke HR external customers include not only industry giants, multinational companies, but also SMEs, government agencies, and various chambers of commerce associations. The global service network, a very wide range of Chinese and foreign client resources, and a highly international team of professionals have enabled Yingke HR to have an unparalleled advantage in the area of Human Resources. 


Providing satisfactory HR services to customers is our unyielding goal. Yingke insists on “customer-oriented” and sets up “customer service centers”. We always focus on the needs of our customers and satisfy customers. In order to achieve the goal of work, we have taken full advantage of our expertise on local regulations and human resources to integrate the resources of offices, professional departments and teams from all over the world, not only to solve HR problems for customers, but also to provide customers with business opportunities, promote customer cooperation and provide customers with Professional and comprehensive services. Yingke’s high-quality HR services have earned the trust of its customers, and have significantly improved customer ownership, market share, and total revenue generation.

Get payroll services built for businesses your size.

Be wary of one-size-fits-all payroll services. Get payroll and tax filing solutions
tailored to your unique business needs:

Small Company Services

(Solutions for Small Businesses
1 – 10 employess)

Midsize Company Services

(Solutions for Medium Size Businesses
11 – 50 employees)

Large Company Services

(Solutions for Large Size Businesses
51 – 1000 or more employees)

Why Outsource Payroll

Specialized Team

Yingke has continuously geared our principles to prioritizing our client’s needs and valuing the commitment of excellence to the Human Resource.

All-in-one Packages

Even with just a couple or hundreds of employees, we do their taxes, deal with all the paperwork, or create a customized solution for your case.

Overseas Payments

Our HR experts can ensure your company achieves improved accuracy, efficiency and reliability when making overseas payroll.

Personal File Management

You company retains essential management control over the work performed by the employees. Meanwhile, we do all the rest. We keep all files and documents secured by having physical and virtual copies of everything.

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